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An Exemplary Model in Education

The Education Reform Initiative spotlighted our Good Governance for Children Program as an exemplary model in education. It was praised for its innovative and creative approach to enhancing the well-being of children, as well as for promoting personal or academic growth and imparting knowledge, skills, or behaviors.

Pledge to the Republic of Türkiye

In the 100th year of the Republic of Türkiye, we shared our solutions to problems with the Youth Manifesto, together with the young people by turning the habit of complaining in society into a long-term solutions. The Youth Manifesto includes 23 articles addressing crucial themes such as focusing on a culture of trust, taking responsibility for future generations, ensuring continuous learning and development, strengthening love and respect for nature, and embracing human values as fundamental principles of life.


Building the Future with
Good Governance Culture

Our Youth Network make more voluntary contributions to build the future with a good governance culture. With its growing number of members, the Youth Network is eagerly working to mainstream the concept of good governance in all aspects of life.. Since its establishment in 2020, the voluntary contribution of the Youth Network has nearly tripled, reaching 8420 hours in 2022.

Youth Policy School
for Young Professionals

Young people develop their competencies in civic engagement, policy preparation, advocacy, campaign preparation, monitoring and evaluation processes with our Youth Policy School.


Up-to-date Content
for Future Leaders

In the 5th year of our Good Governance for Children program that we launched in 2017, we revised our content and designs based on the opinions of children, volunteers, and experts. We update our program periodically, taking into account current needs.

As a volunteer for this program, it has been my personal goal to expand the program in Türkiye and around the world. Why shouldn't everyone benefit from such a great project with such valuable content and outcomes?

Bezni Çevik2021 Volunteer

Açık Açık Membership

In line with our understanding of transparency and accountability, we have started to share our financial information, the social impact we have created, and our lists of board members and employees in detail on the Açık Açık Platform.


Our Youth Network is Growing

Our GOV101 education program graduates continue to work on good governance initiatives under the Argüden Governance Academy Youth Network. Youth Network members experience good governance through their developed projects and conducted research, establish collaborations with various institutions, and take a leading role in spreading the culture of good governance among young people.

The Governance Youth Network is an interdisciplinary learning platform that offers opportunities in various fields.

Yakup GözderesiYönetişim Gençlik Ağı

For the Children
of the World!

We have taken the first step towards enabling children from around the world to benefit from our program by preparing English versions of our educational materials. Our education program has started to be implemented in 20 countries such as the USA, Mexico, France, and Japan in collaboration with KidZania.


Good Governance for Youth

With our GOV101 education program, which gave its first graduates in 2019, we are developing the
good governance skills of university young leaders who take the initiative for a better future.

Capacity and Capability Building for
Non-Governmental Organizations

We provided training of trainers education to 50 NGO representatives on topics as legislation, strategy, communication skills, conflict management, project management, resource creation, volunteering, visibility, dissemination, and internationalization.

Promoting Integrated Reporting Culture

We are promoting the integrated thinking and reporting approach in civil society. We contributed to the preparation processes of Educational Volunteers Foundation of Türkiye's 2018 Integrated and Women on Board Association Türkiye's 2017-19 Impact Reports.


Good Governance Culture for Children

When a culture of good governance is adopted during childhood, it is more effective. With this idea, we support the emergence of active and responsible citizenship awareness in 9-10 year old elementary school students through our Good Governance for Children.

When selecting the school I will attend, not only my parents I also have the right to participate in the decisions.

Our 9 Year Old GraduateGood Governance for Children, 2017

Our Good Governance for Children program reached 3,000+ children in more than 20 cities in Türkiye.


Creating Impact and Value: Stakeholder Engagement

The way to increase decision quality and trust in institutions is through meaningful and effective stakeholder engagement processes. We have translated and disseminated the book "Stakeholder Management", which is one of the important resources in this field, into Turkish.

11th Development Plan

We were invited to the special expertise commissions created for 11th Development Plan of Türkiye and contributed to the policy-making processes with a good governance perspective.

Governance Competence is Developing in NGOs

Our Good Governance in Civil Society Certificate Program, which we conducted simultaneously in Adana and Istanbul, gave its first graduates. 58 civil society leaders graduated from the program, which consisted of 11 days and 22 courses, while 92 civil society managers received a participation certificate.

Being a trainer in the Good Governance in Civil Society Certificate Program was also a very instructive process for me. I would like to thank the Academy for this training.

Erdal YıldırımVehbi Koç Foundation, General Manager


Developing Policy Recommendations
for NGOs

In collaboration with TEPAV and TESEV, we organized workshops in Adana, Ankara, and Istanbul to strengthen civil society, which is an essential element of participatory democracy and prepared a publication.

Founding Member of Integrated Reporting Türkiye

As advocates of the integrated thinking and reporting approach, we played a role in raising awareness and supporting companies in their practices by participating as a founding member in the establishment of the Integrated Reporting Türkiye Network.


Good Governance Recommendations for G20 Leaders

As a member of the C20 Governance Working Group, we contributed to various issues that are important for civil society for the G20 governments.

Your valuable contributions for improving the quality of reporting are highly appreciated.

Paul DruckmanInternational Integrated Reporting Council, CEO


Contributions to Civil Society

We contributed to Women on Board Association Türkiye's mentorship program designed to empower female board members, to the education of female candidates, to increase female representation in management boards and to support social development.