Argüden Governance Academy Foundation

Türkiye’s Governance Academy attracts private donation in challenging times

5 December 2014

A non-profit initiative founded by ARGE Consulting to improve the quality of governance in Türkiye has attracted a significant donation from the private sector, as the country faces several challenges on the issue.

Çetin Nuhoğlu, the chairman of Tırsan A.Ş, which is one of Europe’s leading trailer producers, donated $1.5 million to the Argüden Governance Academy Fund established within the Bosphorus University Foundation (BÜVAK) in Istanbul on Dec. 5.

“Trust is the foundation of sustainable development. Good governance is the key to devising effective policies and processes in a participatory manner to achieve desired performance levels in a sustainable fashion,” Nuhoğlu said during the protocol’s signing ceremony. The ceremony was also attended by Dr. GülayBarbarosoğlu, the rector of Boğaziçi University and the chairman of the Boğaziçi University Foundation, and Barış Dinçer, the executive director of the Argüden Governance Academy.

Nuhoğlu stressed that Türkiye needs good governance in the public sector, private sector, and NGOs.

”Established under the leadership of Dr. Argüden, an internationally renowned governance expert, this Academy fills an important gap in strengthening the understanding and implementation of good governance. Therefore, we strongly believe that supporting this initiative will help improve the sustainability of our institutions and quality of our lives”, he said.

Türkiye had entered the 21st century with a young and dynamic population and there is an opportunity that should not be wasted, Barbarosoğlu said. “Good governance is the key for a sustainable future. Therefore, training the next generation of leaders with vision and skills in governance is critically important for a sustainable future,” she added.

Financing a concept, not buildings

As Türkiye faces increasing calls for a more efficient economy, public administration and better transparency, the donation is unique in three aspects. Not only does it highlight a private donor as a “valuable role model,” it also provides “strong resource for educational and research activities” for the Academy, according to Dinçer.

The most striking aspect of the donation, on the other hand, is seen in its “innovative approach” by focusing on the development of a concept, which is good governance, instead of financing physical buildings. “Developing the intellectual capital of the country is critical for improving our competitiveness and quality of our lives,” Dinçer added.

The non–profit Academy was founded in February 2014 by ARGE Consulting in order to share its knowhow in governance with society. Launched with the understanding of “Good governance for quality life”, the Academy conducts activities to increase the quality of governance in the public sector, NGOs, and private sector enterprises. It develops joint educational and research projects with academic institutions, international associations, and related NGO’s.

5 December 2014