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Cases on City Governance

In the first part of our publication we summarized OECD's "Governing the City" report which includes good governance implementations of OECD’s metropolitan cities in terms of transportation and spatial planning as follows:

- How metropolitan cities in the OECD Regions have adopted good governance principles,

- In these regions, how the metropolitan governance is implemented in terms of transportation and spatial planning,

- The steps of effective metropolitan governance reform are addressed.

In the second part of the publication, Adana, 4th largest metropolitan city in Türkiye, is evaluated in terms of transportation and spatial planning by Prof. Çiğdem Aksu Çam. Adana is an important example for a successful collaboration of central government, local government, civil society, and private sector and the Academy. We aim this section inspires and becomes a role model for different cities in Türkiye.

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Authors: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Çiğdem Aksu Çam