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We value that children, as today and future leaders, be raised as responsible individuals who embrace good governance culture in their lives. The first book contains democracy&rights, healthy life, and gender equality modules.

Good Governance for Kids

1st Semester

“We are all a part of the society we live in. As individuals, we cannot think of ourselves in a way that is separate from our society. We first fulfill the responsibilities we have to ourselves. However, our responsibilities do not end there. We also have responsibilities to our family, friends, and the people in our neighborhood and our city.

Essentially, we have responsibilities towards every living being in the world. Responsible individuals participate in decision-making about, and take responsibility in, solving the problems concerning themselves and their society. They take consistent and fair steps in fulfilling their responsibilities, they show transparency and accountability in their decisions, and they ensure that the outcomes of these decisions are effective. With these principles, we establish relationships in which we trust each other in our dialogues and behavior...”