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Sustainability Governance Scorecard 2020

Sustainability is critical not only for the livelihood of the humanity and the planet, but also for the long-term success of the corporation. Yet, typically sustainability is seen as a side issue that needs to be addressed alongside running the business, rather than totally shifting the way the business is conducted.

Good governance is the key to the sustainability of sustainability efforts.

Therefore, Argüden Governance Academy has developed the Sustainability Governance Scorecard© to identify how the best companies (Global Sustainability Leaders) govern and conduct their sustainability efforts. This impact research aims to bring insight and information to the attention of decision makers to motivate action and improve effectiveness of implementation.

Our approach is intended to be utilized as an improvement tool for better governance of sustainability issues. The SG Scorecard does not aim to measure the companies’ sustainability performance but seeks the presence of an environment and a climate of sustainability governance where sustainability efforts can flourish. The report includes best-practice examples of various sustainability governance steps to accelerate learning from peers.

We hope that the SG Scorecard will help improve the state of the world by speeding up peer learning from the global leaders.

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Authors: Gizem Argüden Oskay, Beste Gün Aslan, Dr. Fatma Öğücü Şen, Kübra Koldemir, Çağhan Karanberk